On your next trip to Kerala, consider our charming Belljem Homes Your own private resort. Stationed in a tranquil housing colony in the Thrissur locality of Poothole, our home is easily accessible by either car or auto and comes equipped with ample parking space. While you are there, our spacious well-maintained villa will surely satisfy you.

Our home comes fully furnished and well equipped with up-to-date kitchenware. We know the importance of family and friends and the commodious living area at our home should provide the perfect plot for your get-togethers. We appreciate privacy and our restful home within a real neighborhood should give you the ability to live life at your pace and soak in the local rhythm.

We highly recommend our area for the proximity it offers to important points within the city. Additionally, we advise exploring Shoba Mall for its extensive upscale restaurant scene. We welcome food from vendors and restaurants to our home. Please confirm the availability of home delivery through online ordering platforms. Under the multiple listings below on this all-encompassing website, you can now pick the most suitable home for you. Make your home in ours. We look forward to your stay.